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History and Purpose

International Oxygen Manufacturers Association, Inc. (IOMA) began in 1943 as an association of United States "independent" gas producers. Over time, as the industry grew and the large gas companies joined, our membership changed to become truly worldwide. More than 55% of IOMA's membership today is outside the U.S. - and the Association has active participation by the very top management of all of its members around the globe.

IOMA’s purpose is:
To maintain a strong and effective IOMA as an organization to promote the well-being and expansion of the industrial and medical gas industry by encouraging input from, and supporting, a diverse membership which is drawn from all geographic, economic, and line-of-business segments worldwide.

To foster the worldwide development of technology for producing industrial and medical gases safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally sound manner.

To encourage industrial / medical gas applications and products which improve the environment and/or enhance life.

To promote the safe use and handling of industrial and medical gases by its members, their customers, and the public by providing the leadership for, and coordinating the development of, information and standards by appropriate bodies throughout the world.


IOMA, through its Global Committee, is coordinating and prioritizing the harmonization of industrial gas safety standards to achieve common operating practices worldwide.

This work began in 1998 and involves the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) in the United States and Canada; the Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA), the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) in Europe, and the Japan Industrial & Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) in Japan.

IOMA's global focus, and the active involvement of the industry’s very top management, gives IOMA the unique perspective and position to try to bring about some commonality on safety standards for gases in all countries.

The technical and standards activities will remain within CGA, AIGA, EIGA, JIMGA, and other similar bodies around the world. IOMA's role is to bring top-management oversight to this process by prioritizing the work between and among the technical bodies to achieve harmonization.

The IOMA Annual Meeting is the principal session at which Association business is transacted, and, through qualified speakers from within and outside the industry, the members are informed of current trends in the industry, and the general business community, particularly from the management standpoint. The Annual Meeting is usually held in late Fall and provides all Members an opportunity for a free exchange of ideas supporting IOMA's mission.


A Board of Directors, elected from among the Voting Members, directs the Association's affairs. Officers are elected annually from among the members of the Board. The Board of Directors meets twice each year to transact the necessary business of operating the Association, including the approval of applicants for membership.

IOMA has a permanent Executive Director who provides a centralized headquarters from which the day-to-day activities are managed. The Association also has an outside, independent legal counsel and auditor.

IOMA is a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Ohio, and is recognized as exempt from U.S. Federal income tax as a "Section 501(c)(6)" organization, a "business league.”

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