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Membership Levels

Voting Membership: Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture and sale of medical and/or industrial gases, including but not limited to oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, acetylene, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and helium, may be eligible to join IOMA as a Voting Member, providing they have one full year of operation.

For Voting Membership the term “manufacture” shall mean the separation of air; chemical manufacturing processes such as for hydrogen, carbon monoxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and other specialty gases; purification of gases; creation of gas mixtures or blends , or the transfilling of containers where the phase of the gas changes, such as filling from liquid to gas. It shall also include moving product from one container to another such as the transfilling of liquid to liquid or gas to gas without phase change.

Associate Membership: Any person, firm or corporation substantially engaged in the engineering or manufacture of products necessary and incidental to the manufacture and primary distribution of industrial and medical gases may be eligible to join IOMA as an Associate Member in this Association, providing they have one full year of operation.. Associate Members shall have no voting rights with respect to the affairs of the Association.


Applications will be processed according to IOMA bylaws and policy guidelines.

Application Deadline: Applications must be received by the IOMA office at least six weeks prior to an IOMA Board of Directors meeting in order to be considered during the Board meeting. The Board meets twice annually, in the Spring and during the Fall Annual Meeting. Please contact the IOMA office for specific dates.

Dues: Membership dues payment must be submitted with, or concurrent with, this application form. If for any reason your application is not accepted, we will issue a refund promptly.

Effective Year: Applications with dues paid prior to the Annual Meeting are considered for the calendar year in which they are paid. Applications with dues paid after the annual meeting are considered paid for the subsequent calendar year. There is no pro-ration of dues paid for a portion of the year.


STEP 1: You must DOWNLOAD and complete the Membership Application formAfter opening the application form, use the DOWNLOAD button on your web-browser prior to completing the form.  If you complete the form via your web browser without DOWNLOADING it first, the Save or Submit buttons may not work.

STEP 2: After completing and saving the form for your records, hit the Submit Application button on the form. If your email application does not create an email with the attached file, simply save the PDF form and attach it to an email message and send to mtiller@iomaweb.org.

STEP 3: Process your payment below.

You will be contacted within a few days confirming receipt of the application and the payment, however review and approval of membership applications takes place only during semi-annual Board meetings, generally in May and during the Annual Meeting.

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