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The International Oxygen Manufacturers Association, Inc. (IOMA) began in 1943 as an association of United States "independent" gas producers. Over time, as the industry grew and the large gas companies joined, our membership changed to become truly worldwide. More than 55% of IOMA's membership today is outside the United States. The Association has active participation by the very top management of all of its members around the globe.

IOMA exists:

  • To promote the well-being and expansion of the industrial and medical gas industry.
  • To foster the worldwide development of technology for producing industrial and medical gases safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally sound manner.
  • To encourage industrial and medical gas applications and products which improve the environment and enhance life.
  • To promote the safe use and handling of industrial and medical gases by its members, their customers, and the public by providing leadership and coordinating the development of information and standards by appropriate bodies throughout the world.

IOMA supports and encourages input from a diverse membership,  drawn from all geographic, economic, and line-of-business segments worldwide.

Hydrogen Safety Ecosystem Standards

IOMA believes it vital that existing and new entrants in the hydrogen world can benefit from the safety expertise that our industry has captured in standards and publications over many years of operations. The industry's regional associations (AIGA, CGA, EIGA and JIMGA) have developed a web portal to make their hydrogen safety standards more easily accessible. Only publications are listed that relate to hydrogen safety and originate from selected standard organisations and associations.

The Hydrogen Safety Ecosystem web portal can be accessed at h2safety.info

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IOMA's members are companies throughout the world which either manufacture compressed or liquefied industrial and medical gases, or engineer and manufacture equipment and other items used by the industrial gas and cryogenics industries. 

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